Vision and Mission

Nepal suffered a massive earthquake on April 25th, 2015 followed by a series of equally devastating aftershocks. Furthermore, the large-scale devastation has led to a series of crises in the country – humanitarian, social and political. Since its inception, Ne:Kalp has been envisioned as a platform to generate alternative small scale processes through which fellow countrymen can be assisted to overcome this situation.

Our aim is to re-instate as well as develop livelihood practices in the earthquake affected regions of Nepal. That is, sustainable development of all sectors related to community building. To begin with, our organization’s particular focus has remained on the education of young children in Nepal.

Ne:KALP is determined on safeguarding primary and secondary level education at this point in the country because it identifies that:

  • Children belong to the most vulnerable social group often subjected to oversight in times of crisis and disasters.
  • Child labor and child trafficking are rampant menaces expounded by the sense of chaos and loss generated by social crisis.
  • Absence of schools and proper educational facilities will lead to an increase in dropout rates and push young children to assist their already financially challenged families in income generating practices and working on the fields which posits a threat to the vision of a literate self-sustaining nation.
  • Schools will ensure engagement as well as a check on the child population of the affected areas.
  • They will act as hubs of psycho-social counseling where children can come together, share their experience and mutually overcome the trauma of witnessing loss of life and property at such a young age.

Through proper participation and funding, Ne:KALP aims to further the quality of education in rural schools in Nepal and bring school children across the country at par with school children in urban Nepal. Our focus is on ensuring level playing fields for all school children across Nepal and providing uniform access to opportunities both national and international.