School Rebuilding Program

Ne:Kalp is currently engaged in building a permanent school in the Selang VDC of Sindhupalchowk District. This 55 year old institution is one of the ten schools in the Selang VDC catering to primary school students of class 1 to 5. Having lost its building to the earthquake, Shri Selang Primary School has been running in a temporary structure for the past few months. Ne:Kalp’s first project is to rebuild a permanent structure for this school.

A total of 10 schools were running in this particular VDC with 750 students. All the school buildings were destructed in the quake leaving no space to continue teaching institutions in the region. The aim of this project is to rebuild schools in Selang VDC, one school at a time. Ne:KALP recognizes that to re-instate schools in the region is one of the most immediate need in order to normalize livelihood.

Selang is one of the Village Development Communities in the Bagmati Zone of Sindupalchowk. An approximate population of 2,613 and a total of 526 households occupy the 9 wards in this VDC.