Mid-Day Meal Program

On December 2nd, 2015 Ne:KALP launched the mid-day meal program in Shri Selang Primary School for children from class 1 to 5.  For 1 rupee a day, every students on their lunch break is provided with a bolied egg and a plate of grams or peas or lentils. The collected fund goes on to provide remuneration for the individual responsible for transporting and cooking the meal. The program was conceptualized as an incentive measure to motivate students to attend the classes on a regular basis and encourage parents to send their kids to school. Furthermore, it was also initiated to address the nutritional requirements of growing children. With school run under sub-standard temporary shelter and the community healing from the recent episode of loss of life and property, students were reluctant to attend school while parents were preoccupied with providing daily needs to the family. However, with the introduction of mid-day meal there has been a observable rise in enthusiasm amongst all the stakeholders of the school, namely, the teachers, students and parents.

On 2nd December 2016, Ne:KALP successfully completed a year of mid-day meal program. The mid-day meal has been one of the instrumental programs to encourage students to attend classes after the earthquake had disrupted the annual attendance in school across Sindupalchok district. To celebrate the one year mark of the continuation of the program, we distributed some reading, writing and coloring materials to all the students along with a treat of the famous Patan ‘barfi’.

If you or your organisations are interested in supporting our program you can find our bank details in the donate button. With your support we plan to extend our mid-day meal program to as many schools as possible across rural parts of Nepal. The impact a mid-day meal can have on growing children and the enthusiasm it creates amongst all stakeholders of the community to cultivate a habit of lending education an uncompromising value will go a long way to build a better Nepal.

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