Founding Philosophy

Ne:Kalp is a young organization based in Kathmandu, Nepal that emerged as a voluntary group reaching out to as many regions and people affected by the April-May 2015 earthquake as was possible. Our initial concern was to ensure immediate relief in terms of food and temporary shelters.

Ne:Kalp has been founded on the elementary recognition that by itself a relief program will not be able to deliver the country from the predicament that it finds itself in. In order to overcome the disaster and at the same time support and enhance development in a debilitated society, systemic planning along with organized effort aimed at sustainable re-establishment and community development of the affected zones needs to be carried out.

To be able to realize such a comprehensive project of building back a Better Nepal, it is important to focus at one particular segment at a time on a priority basis before advancing into another location/program. Ne:KALP thus, initially, intends to begin with projects aimed at recuperating school education in Nepal with its varied short term and long term programs.